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Décor Department Testimonials

What our customers say about our professional staff.

Color Wheel Decorating Department Testimonials

“Kimberleigh is absolutely fantastic!  She is so cheerful and helpful.  She picked fantastic paint colors, and great fabrics for the furniture I wanted to reupholster.  She never lost her patience even though it took me forever to make up my mind and I changed fabrics several times. Everything looks so nice—it is so refreshing and relaxing.  I highly recommend Kimberleigh.”  —Jan P.

Kimberleigh Boswell

Kimberleigh, Congratulations for having a keen eye for color...the Bennington Gray you recommended for my master bath is perfect for counteracting the pink tones of the cabinets and tile. It blends well with the window treatment, sets off beautifully the artwork that Color Wheel re-framed for me, and really pulls the room together. Finally, I have the look I had in mind. Thank you for your talent!   —Sarah D.

Kimberleigh arrived on time for a one hour consultation. She provided paint choices for living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Once the paint was on the walls, all I could say was that she really got the colors right. I could not have  been happier with her patient style and high degree of professionalism.  —Hillary C. 

I am very pleased with the dining room chairs. The fabric looks great and the workmanship was excellent. I am very grateful for your wonderful assistance in helping me with the wood shades and upholstery! —Debra J.

Kim, We received the paint samples this afternoon. We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we value your assistance. We were so delighted with the color recommendations you made for our basement. In fact, that project turned out so well and we were so pleased, it motivated us to redo the upstairs. Thanks so much for meeting with us Friday and providing your professional insights on that effort. We still haven't decided which of the two options we will use in the dining room, but we wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise and "eye for color" with us. Thanks so much for all your help and patience.   —Joan W.

Kim is amazing…excellent customer service and advice.  —Marianne B.

Meri Cole Planning to buy fabric and have a chair re-upholstered. Meri is helpful and has a good eye for color.  —Cynthia B.

I appreciated Meri giving me time, especially when I came at her lunch break! Because she was very helpful, I will return to Color Wheel again.  —Judy M.

My wife and I agonized for a long time over which blue color to put in our master bedroom/sitting room, dressing area, closets and bathroom. We had just about given up when Meri made a suggestion that solved the problem. It's a blue color but has green in it which is exactly what we were looking to choose to begin with but couldn't quite put our finger on it. The total space of this master suite is well over 1,500 square feet, so it was necessary to find the correct color the first time rather than going back and painting it over and over until we got it right.  
—Edward S.

Meri was extremely helpful helping me select paint color for an entire living space.  
—Peggy B.

It’s really my first visit. My son has had some things framed here. I had no idea that you offered so much…you're one stop shopping! Meri’s help and expertise blew me away! I was so overwhelmed with choices and she helped me focus on the products that I needed, giving me information and excellent advice. Customer service is not a lost art with her! She has made a loyal customer out of me. I left elated that a project that I thought would take days and traveling all over the DC area looking at paint was completed in a 30-minute visit to your store!
  —Liz B.
Meri is always friendly and provides valuable design consulting advice.
   —Barbara S.

Meri helped me pick a color for a room that needs painting. She was very  helpful and guided me to a more pleasing color than one I had initially selected. I was very grateful for her time.   —Edward S.

Barbara Ratliff, Color Wheel DecorI wish to bring to your attention the outstanding customer assistance I received from Barbara just before the Thanksgiving holiday period. I needed an obscure part for a Hunter Douglas window blind. When I was at you store and saw that you carried that product line, I asked Barbara if she knew how/where I could obtain the part. 

She did more than that. She provided me the part on-the-spot. 

This may appear on the surface to be no more than a minor, routine act of customer service. But for me it was significant for it ended a long, up to then, fruitless search for a much-needed part.

I thank Barbara again for her assistance, and to all those that instilled in her such a positive customer service attitude.   —Frank C.