No Job Too Large or Small

Frame RestorationOur McLean framing department offers more than custom picture framing. We also work with experts in the field of conservation.

Our certified restorers specialize in paintings, paper, and textiles. They also repair, refurbish and refinish frames.

There's always an interesting story behind our customer's artwork, and the restored painting shown here with Cyndi Geyer is no exception.

Discovered hanging over the desk of a gallery auction house in Santiago, Chile, this painting caught the eye of our customer and her husband. They made an inquiry about the price and learned that the painting was the personal property of the gallery owners. Days later, our customer's husband surprised her with this beautiful piece of art.

Our restoration experts lined the canvas with fiberglass mesh with wax to repair tears. To make it strong again, a new surface (called a substrate) was created. It was then cleaned of dirt and old varnish, tears were repaired, and paint replaced. A new clear varnish was applied to seal in the surface. The frame required minimal restoration. It was touched up with gold leaf powders and antiqued to match the original finish.

"Most of the restorations we do are valuable or extremely sentimental and irreplaceable. We've handled everything from Monet landscapes and Toulouse-Lautrec etchings to antique samplers and family photographs," says Cyndi.

  • Paintings: Cleaning is a delicate and demanding aspect of conserving and restoring paintings. Layers of dirt and discolored varnish build up over the years and must be painstakingly removed. A total restoration process is necessary when the paint is cracked or has flaked off.
  • Paper: Restoring paper is an extremely time-intensive process. Conservation requires the paper to be maintained in good condition and the image to be preserved.
  • Textiles: Our textile specialists restore, repair and clean items such as fragile wedding dresses, Christening gowns, heirlooms, and needlework.
  • Frames: Both functional and decorative, frames can be repaired and refinished, and the ornamentation and gold leaf can be replaced.

To learn more about restoring your family heirlooms and works of art, stop by and talk to Cyndi or any member of our framing team.