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Notable® Dry Erase Paint

New at Color Wheel and Color Wheel Paint Center

Notable Dry Erase Paint enhances painting projects, converting walls of all sizes into areas that are both creative and practical. 

Notable at Color Wheel and Color Wheel Paint CenterApply premium performance Notable Dry Erase Paint to almost any surface. Opt for Classic "whiteboard" Notable White or Notable Clear, which transforms any paint color on the wall into a dry erase board.

Notable Dry Erase is a 2-component paint product with a 7-day cure time and a slate of benefits:
  • Easy to erase — Making it easy for fresh ideas to keep coming.
  • No yellowing, cracking or peeling — Notable’s high gloss keeps walls looking ever-fresh.
  • 10-year limited warranty — You won’t need it, but it’s nice to know it’s there.
  • Isocyanate-free — Makes application more user friendly.
  • 4-hour pot life — Other whiteboard paints allow only 1 hour to paint after mixing. We give you more time to get the job done.