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Chalk-tique in McLean

Turn Any Color Paint into Chalk Paint

Chalk-tique at Color Wheel in McLean

Each jar contains 2 cups of Chalk-tique Additive, enough to mix with 2 quarts of any paint to make chalk-style paint. Use the included 1/4 cup scoop to mix just what you need. The Chalk-tique additive will not alter paint color, and most projects do not need any prep work! When added to your paint, Chalk-tique will not change the shelf life of the paint.

Chalk-tique at Color Wheel in McLean

Chalk-tique Paste Wax
• The perfect blend of Carnauba Wax, Beeswax and Orange Oil.
• Ideal follow up to Chalk-tique painted surfaces.
• Helps to distress and enhance Chalk-tique painted surfaces.
• Can also be used on finished and unfinished woods.
• Available in Neutral or Dark Oak.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does it matter if I use paint that is semi-gloss or flat?  No. Chalk-tique works great with any finish type.
  2. What is the shelf life of my paint once I have added Chalk-tique to it?  As long as you store the Chalk-tique  paint in an air tight paint container, it will last as long as regular water based paint. No separation of the Chalk-tique Additive and paint will occur.
  3. The Chalk-tique is brown in color when mixed with water - will it change my paint color?  No, even white will stay white.
  4. Will the Neutral Paste Wax change the color of my painted surface?  No, it dries clear.
  5. Do I need to use a primer before I paint?  No. Chalk-tique, once added to paint, will adhere to a clean dry surface.
  6. Do I need to sand the surface before I paint?  Most projects do not need any sanding. You would only need to sand areas if there is a rough or raised part of the wood, or if a surface has a very slick surface.
  7. How many coats of Chalk-tique paint do I need to apply?  If you are going to be distressing the piece, paint one coat and just touch up areas. If you will not be distressing, two coats are recommended to give more coverage.
  8. Are there any brands of paint that Chalk-tique will not work with?  Chalk-tique has been tested with all the major brands of paint, as well as the new waterborne paints and it works great with all of them!
  9. Do I have to add water to the Chalk-tique Additive before adding to paint?  Yes, it will be so much smoother this way, and easier to mix!
  10. Are there any safety concerns using Chalk-tique?  Chalk-tique is non-toxic. The only concern is the dust may be a nuisance. I have noticed that if I use it a lot my skins gets a little dry.
  11. Can Chalk-tique paint be used in paint sprayers?  Yes!

A quick note about homemade additives - please do not use Plaster of Paris! It is considered hazardous, and may cause sever skin burns. Calcium Carbonate as an additive will harden your paint, so there is no shelf life.